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Frugally Sustainable and Frugal Babe

I have been roaming the blogosphere looking for interesting and informative blogs. My latest search is focused around frugality and spending less. Cultivating a lifestyle of simplicity is a goal that can seem illusive. Another frugal blog is Frugally Sustainable .  Andrea writes: “Frugally Sustainable is the story of our family’s transition out of a  Read more »

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Roasted Potato Salad

I wanted some really good potato salad this weekend to go along with the turkey Brats that I planned to grill. I used baked potatoes that I had made the day before, which seemed to be less of a hassle than peeling, cubing and boiling the potatoes. Roasted Potato Salad 10 Large potatoes, baked 1  Read more »

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Mushroom and Chive Scrambled Eggs

This brunch dish was pretty popular. I wanted eggs with mushrooms, but I knew that not everyone is a fungi fan. So I decided to scramble some eggs and put out a variety of toppings so we could each have designer eggs. I had a dish of eggs, the mushrooms and chives and then a  Read more »

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Squawkfox Blog

Squawkfox, Where frugal living is sexy, delicious and fun. Kerry’s blog is a destination if you are like me and looking for ways to save money, live well and have some fun along the way. “My name is Kerry K. Taylor (the K. part is important) and I’m the lone blogger here. I started  Read more »

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Lemon Cloud

I made something recently that I have not tasted since I was a child. I have been on a pudding/mousse/jello jag for a while now and this light confection was just right for dessert after dinner on a warm night. When I was little, my mother made a jello dish that was down-right inspired. Whipped  Read more »

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Daily Rituals

I was reading Design Mom and she had asked some blogger friends to comment on their own daily rituals. This one by Danielle is particularly sweet. Danielle of Elleinad Spir: …nighttime cuddles. My husband typically reads to Bonham at bedtime. When they are done I hear the same thing each night, “Mommy, I’m ready for  Read more »

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Spinach and Red Pepper Strata

This makes for a delicious Sunday brunch. One morning I had coffee brewing, bacon sizzling and this in the oven when my family came down in the morning, the aroma filled the house and it was heavenly. I particularly like the versatility of this dish, just about any mixture of vegetables and cheese will work.  Read more »

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