Daily Rituals

I was reading Design Mom and she had asked some blogger friends to comment on their own daily rituals. This one by Danielle is particularly sweet.

Danielle of Elleinad Spir:
…nighttime cuddles. My husband typically reads to Bonham at bedtime. When they are done I hear the same thing each night, “Mommy, I’m ready for you!” and I walk in to see him waiting for me, with outstretched arms, for his 10 minutes of cuddles. The first few minutes are spent chatting about our day, or about what tomorrow might bring, then the last five are silent. Just holding each other close. I love listening to the sound of his breath slowing, calming, bringing his day to a close.

These moms all have the common theme that their children and families are the focus of rituals for them. Routine is comforting to children and something as simple as reading the same story night after night delights them.

One my own daily favorites has come about with addition of Tribble to our lives. She is a tiny, sweet, feisty, morkie.


I walk her several times a day. Here in Pennsylvania most evenings hold a chill in the air even in the summer. I enjoy her final excursion of the night.  She routinely makes the rounds of various spots; her favorite bush, the mail box post, the flower bed in front of the house. On most nights, as we round the corner of the house a breeze will pick up, carrying earthy scents and beckoning her towards the woods and the certainty that some animal hidden in the darkness needs to be chased.

She scurries to the edge of the trees, but goes no further. Each time turning back to return to the warmth of our house.

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