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Squawkfox, Where frugal living is sexy, delicious and fun. Kerry’s blog is a destination if you are like me and looking for ways to save money, live well and have some fun along the way.


“My name is Kerry K. Taylor (the K. part is important) and I’m the lone blogger here. I started this site in 2008 and have since been voted Canada’s #1 Money Blogger by a big Canadian newspaper. American newspapers like me too, though.

Squawkfox explores frugal living topics that are sexy, delicious, and fun. Sometimes.

Since I write long posts about consumer restraint, I’m very surprised that so many people read my blog. I’m also surprised that Squawkfox is one of the biggest personal finance blogs on the interwebs. Maybe it’s because I include pictures.”

The latest challenge is to stop wasting food. I know that I could do a better job of planning and therefore have less waste. I’m taking the challenge!!  Hope you do too.

This is an entertaining and informative blog. I recommend it to you.

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